2008 Australian Grand Prix - Melbourne, March 16

The 2008 FORMULA 1™ ING Australian Grand Prix brings together the country’s premier motor sport event with a world-class entertainment offering, all set in the country’s most stylish city. The glamour, sophistication and cutting-edge technology of F1 racing, the ever-popular V8 Supercars will return in an exciting new format, the popular Celebrity Challenge race and more... The Australian Grand Prix is so much more than edge-of-your-seat motoring excellence. Off circuit there is a carnival atmosphere to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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2008 Malaysian Grand Prix - Sepang, March 23

Malaysia has long had ambitions to join the countries hosting international motor sport and the country now has a circuit worthy of hosting both the F1 and FIM Motorcycle Grands Prix and one which raises the standards for all other circuits.

The Malaysian Grand Prix circuit is a futuristic blend of stainless steel and glass-fronted buildings and an impressive double-sided main grandstand capable of seating 50.000 spectators. It has been specifically designed to encourage overtaking, being very wide and containing at least four slow corners following long straights. The other 10 corners are medium-to high-speed and top speeds of over 180 mph are predicted. The surrounding 2.300 acre Gateway Park will contain a hotel complex, shopping centre, a golf course and other sports facilities and a theme park.

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2008 Bahrain Grand Prix - Sakhir, April 6

The only race that takes place in the Middle East is the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The inaugural Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix was a huge success and was enjoyed by countless millions of people the world over watching on TV. Importantly the race was also a big success within the world of Formula 1 with everyone experiencing the friendliness and hospitality of the Bahraini people. For one weekend, Bahrain became the focal point of the sporting world and as a result the race and the interest that it created demonstrated clearly to people and international businesses that Bahrain is “open for business”. In 2004 the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix was recognized for its organizational capabilities with the award of the FIA Race Promoters’ Trophy. This award was made at the FIA Gala Awards in Monte Carlo and was given to Bahrain for the organization of the best Grand Prix in 2004.

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2008 Spain Grand Prix - Barcelona, April 27

Come and see how exciting the Formula 1 Spain Grand Prix is at the Circuit de Catalunya. The best drivers in the world compete in one of the most important races in the calendar. The Circuit has seventeen grandstands, three of which are under cover, and offers plenty of services for an unforgettable stay. Come and enjoy comfortably and in live the Formula 1 Spain Grand Prix, you cannot miss it!

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2008 Turkish Grand Prix - Istanbul, May 11

Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix: The Istanbul Racing Circuit is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, 6 km from the junction of Kurtkoy on the north side of TEM Motorway, linking Istanbul to Ankara . The Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Racing Circuit is close to the newly constructed Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul Airport . In addition to easy access from TEM and Airport, the Formula 1 track is located within the green belt surrounded by forest and cultivated green fields.

The Formula 1 racing circuit which runs counter-clockwise is 5,378m long with an average width of 15m, excluding Runoff Areas. The F1 Circuit is composed of 13 curves, of which 6 are right turns and 7 left turns. The sharpest turn will have a radius of 15m. The start and finish section is 655.5m in length. The F1 Circuit runs over 4 level sections with rising and descending grades.

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2008 Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo, May 25

Created in 1929 by Anthony Noghes, president and founder of the Club Automobile of Monaco, to bring international motor sport to Monaco. The first Monaco Grand Prix was held there in 1929, it was on the calendar for the first year (1950) of the Formula One World Championship, and it has hosted a round continuously since 1955.

Despite the difficult working conditions for the teams, and the unforgiving nature of the Monaco track for drivers and cars alike, the Monaco Grand Prix is seen as a Jewel in the Crown of the Formula One World Championship racing.

The Monaco circuit twists and turns through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo and along the harbour front. The track layout has not changed essentially since 1929, but in 1973 the new "Piscine" section was added around the seafront swimming-pool, and three chicanes have been added over the years.

The Monaco Grand Prix track imposes enormous strains on both, drivers and cars - in 1996 only 3 cars finished! Due to its demanding nature, Monaco usually produces memorable races, but spectating is limited to small glimpses from grandstand or hotel balconies. Monaco Grand Prix has seen many great unexpected victories - Stirling Moss in a privateer Lotus beating the works Ferraris in 1961, for example.

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2008 Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal, June 08

Canadian Grand Prix. Few places embrace their Grand Prix as enthusiastically as the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. The city grinds to a halt over the race weekend as fans from around the world descend on Quebec for a non-stop party. Formula 1 fever - street parties, driver appearances and F1 exhibitions - is focused in one area of town: Crescent Street. It is the focal point at which Canadian Grand Prix race fans can meet. But there is plenty to see and do elsewhere because Montreal seamlessly mixes the old with the new. There is the 400-year-old charm of ‘Vieux Montreal’, which sits in surprising harmony with the grid pattern and skyscrapers of the modern city.

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2008 French Grand Prix - Magny Cours, June 22

Everyone has their own reason for going to Magny-Cours. The drivers love the challenge of the track, the engineers love the technical demands of balancing aero grip and straight-line speed, and the fans love the serene setting.

“I know the Magny-Cours region quite well,” says Michelin’s Pierre Dupasquier. “It is near to our base in Clermont Ferrand and one of the things I like to do over the GP weekend - if I have time - is have a drink in a café where the Loire and Bec D’Applier rivers meet. It’s a beautiful spot.”

Indeed, the relaxed atmosphere of rural France makes Magny-Cours a very pleasant stop-off during a particularly busy time on the Formula One calendar. Williams' Director of Engineering Patrick Head loves the journey to the race so much he completes it every year from England on a motorbike. Other F1 folk enjoy the event for the beautiful chateaux nearby and some of the Loire region's best wineries, which are just a stone’s-throw away.

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2008 British Grand Prix - Silverstone, July 06

There is an inextricable link between England and Formula One racing. Take three facts: (1) Silverstone is the oldest race on the calendar; (2) England is home to six of the teams (McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, Renault, Midland and BAR) and (3) the sport’s commercial management is based in London.

The UK has a unique blend of beautiful countryside, great cities and some mouth watering architecture, making it a must-see for all travellers. And London, in the words of Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson, is 'just cool'.

From a driver’s perspective, Silverstone’s 5.1 kilometres are some of the most formidable on the Formula One calendar. The track, a former World War II aerodrome, is fast and a quick lap time requires bravery and finesse.

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2008 German Grand Prix - Hockenheim, July 20

The north Rhine region of Germany is recognised for its unspoilt beauty and nowhere is that description more justified than in the Eifel Mountains, the home of the Nurburgring. The countryside hasn’t changed for centuries, except for the building of the two tracks: the glorious Nordschliefe in 1925 and the shorter version, which is where the German Grand Prix is held, in 1982.

“I love racing at the Nurburgring,” says Ralf Schumacher. “Obviously it’s nice to be racing on home turf, but there is more to it than that. I love the countryside surrounding the track: I like walking in the Eifel Mountains and it’s also a very good place to go hunting.”

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2008 Hungarian Grand Prix - Budapest, August 03

The Hungaroring track is situated 20 kilometres north of Budapest, so the Hungarian Grand Prix gives you the perfect opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. Known as the ‘Paris of central Europe’ and ‘the Queen of the Danube’, Budapest is adorned with beautiful architecture, most of which was built towards the end of the 19th century when the city enjoyed a boom during the industrial revolution. The four ornate bridges that link Buda and Pest were built at this time. The weather is invariably hot around race time, which only adds to the enjoyment of your visit.

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2008 Belgium Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps, September 07

Aside from being the home to one of the greatest circuits on the Formula One calendar, Spa is recognised throughout the world for its water. The Romans were the first people to discover its natural springs deep in the Ardennes countryside, and people still visit the town today in search of hydrotherapy. The biggest industry in the town is the famous bottled water company, Spa.

The mention of water is never far from people’s lips at the circuit, which is eight kilometres from the town. One of the most fearsome corners on the lap is Pouhon, which translates into English as ‘water well’ and the Ardennes has a micro-climate all of its own, hence rain tyres are never far from the cars.

The bright lights of Liege and Brussels are a 40-minute and two-hour drive respectively, so there is something for everyone at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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2008 Monza Tifosi Tour - Monza, September 14

For F1 enthusiasts, Italian Grand prix is the place to be. This race is one of the ultimate events of the season.

Your package is divided in two parts. The first is more cultural and includes a tour of a factory and museums and the second part includes your stay in Garlate and the Monza event. Your first night will be spent in Mordano at the Panazza Hotel.

You will be staying in Garlate for the next five days. This magnificent city is located about 40 km from Milan and 30 minutes from the F1 circuit. The scenery is breathtaking, with Lake of Lecco and the beautiful mountains. We have chosen the Nuovo Hotel of Garlate.

On Friday, after your return from the racetrack, you will be invited to a cocktail party at your hotel. Come and share your passion with other car racing enthusiasts. The Saturday and Sunday schedules are the same: early departure from your hotel to Monza and return at the end of the afternoon.

Don’t miss this special Italian tour!

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2008 Chinese Grand Prix - Shanghai, October 19

Being the industrial and financial capital of China, Shanghai is the country’s economic shop window. An increasing number of western businesses have offices situated in the Bund district, with the result that the city has enjoyed double-digit economic growth for more than a decade.

Increased wealth has brought with it a relentless building and promotional phase, of which Shanghai International Circuit (SIC) is one such example. It is the benchmark against which all modern tracks are judged. The drivers enjoy the challenge and the spectator facilities are second-to-none.

Shanghai’s Pudong district, east of the Huangpu River, houses the major bars and clubs, while the aforementioned Bund is home to big business and the best shopping in China. However, don’t let all the development fool you. The city has lost none of its Oriental magic: the markets, architecture and 6.5 million cyclists remind you that you are still very much in the Far East.

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2008 Brazilian Grand Prix - Sao Paulo, November 02

If you like big cities, you’ll love Sao Paulo and the Brazilian Grand Prix. It’s big, it’s exciting and it’s becoming increasingly multi-cultural, thanks to its large number of émigrés. The famous shanty towns, or favellas, still dominate the suburbs, but the city’s reputation is very much on the up - as people who live there will tell you.

The city has many beautiful parts like the open spaces of central Sao Paulo: the Jardins, the parks, the area around the palace (now a museum) in the centre of town, and even the central business district.

The Interlagos track is 16 kilometres south of Sao Paulo’s city centre and provides the drivers and engineers with many challenges, not least because the track runs in an anti-clockwise direction and is at high altitude, which makes it tough for the engines. The atmosphere on race day is fantastic, with the fans almost tribal in their appreciation of Barrichello.

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